A Republican and Climate Change Skeptic Talks About Climate Change

Here's the talk:

And here's the web site.

Eventually, there will probably be a book.

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"A Republican and Climate Change Skeptic Talks About Climate Change."

Talks *what*+ about climate change?

Does he say anything even remotely worth listening to or anything that's based in fact not contrarian nonsense?


+ Insert expletive of your choice here.

Good talk to a potentially hostile group. I do hope to hear more from Dr Bickmore. If energy mouthpiece Barton from Texass is saying anything about this subject, I'd suspect he was paid to lie by his energy company handlers but to be dumb enough to use Monkton as an expert should be enough to drop the whole house of cards.

StevoR, the talk is about how deniers can persist in their disbelief in the face of overwhelming evidence.