The Manga Guide to Relativity


The The Manga Guide to Relativity might come in especially handy these days, what with faster than light neutrinos, Republican candidates and other science-defying entities zooming around. And, it is one of those Japanese anime things, which makes it cool. This is a story set in Tagai Academy summer's school session, where the "plucky" Miss Uraga teaches the kids relativity.

When you have finished reading this book you will be able to calculate the effects of time dilation, explain the Twin Paradox, understand Einsteinium famous E=mc2 and get a job at CERN.

Hideo Nitta, is in the Department of Physics at Tokyo Gakugei University, and an expert in physics and physics education. Masafumi Yamamoto is an applied physicist from Hokkaido University, and I'm pretty sure Keita Takatsu is the artist. This is a little like Pokemon except only things that are possible happen in the book.


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I have a few of the other books in the series (Statistics, Databases, and Molecular Biology) and they're pretty good introductory books. They're aimed at a high school level.

A little correction here, manga!=anime. Manga is written (comic), anime is animated (cartoon). Sounds like an interesting read though.

Brian, thanks for that correction. Suddenly it all makes sense! How am I supposed to know these things????

Mike: I've reviewed the stats book here, it was pretty good.

An article 'Experimental & Theoretical Evidences of Fallacy of Space-time Concept and Actual State of Existence of the Physical Universe' available on, and ViXra proves that Albert Einstein with the help of a trickery has been responsible for misleading the world to
the incorrect philosophy. Aristotle and Newton could not be blamed
for adopting the philosophy where the existence of God is not
justified because the secret of state of existence of physical universe being in the nature of light/radiation; which secrets were unfolded in the nineteenth
century. Then Lorentz and Einstein misinterpreted these secrets to
mislead the humanity. The article is written in a very simple manner
so that even the undergraduate students of physics could understand.

Let this article reach every professor, researcher, teacher and
student of physics of the world. Kindly read the article and do your
responsibility as a human being.

By Mohammad Shafiq Khan (not verified) on 30 Jan 2012 #permalink

Hyperbole. Let's get something straight here. As a Meteorologist we are defacto climatologists. Science is no respecter of politics and actually we despise politicians in general.

Ascribing to Republicans some sinister underpinning and giving democrats a pass is to fall into the trap of pop science and is this what this blog is about?

By Larry Olson (not verified) on 14 Jul 2013 #permalink