Linking Elevators, Rebecca Watson, Richard Dawkins and of course, Hitler and the Nazis!!!11!!

As you know, I've shifted some of the topics I have discussed on this blog over to The X Blog. However, some topics can very reasonably go on both. One of these is how we communicate, and argue, and sometimes make progress in this crazy, zany place we call The Blogsophere. Also, as an Anthropologist, I see topics related to gender, sexism, feminism and related topics as fully at home here, as well as at The X Blog. So, I just completed a series of posts over there which I'm sure will be of interest to those of you who tend to hand out here and might not otherwise notice. I hope you visit them, read them, love them or hate them, send them to your family to enjoy for the holiday season, and hopefully scream at me about them in the comments. They are:

This started out as a big-huge blog post which I then decided to break down, and I decided that for a number of reasons. One is that some of the subtopics (i.e., the one on sex positiveness and calibration) may be more of a side issue. Another is that I didn't want any one of the topics to get sidelined by shifting focus should there be extended discussion. Mainly, though, I wanted to have bite size pieces to avoid the tl;dr effect, and to later have more narrowly defined items to point or link to as appropriate.

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Laden, you are just a moron.

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