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At the moment, Scienceblogs is still undergoing technical difficulties. This is fully expected. The database this network is built on is many gazugabites in size. Despite its power and elegance, the WordPress platform (especailly the multi-user version) is complex and there are all sorts of tweaky things that must happen between the server's system software, the database server, the PHP installation, the core Wordpress software, and the localized version. When upgraded a while back it took a few days for the dust to settle and a few weeks for things to top breaking and screwing up.

I can't reliably post at the moment, so I'll be busy with other things for the immediate future. Keep an eye on The X Blog where I'll be blogging a bit (just put something up on Romney's education plan!)

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The blogs main page should show the number of comments, and the blog post itself should show earlier and later arrows and links. comment count and no links to previous/next posts.
(Opera 11.60, Win7)

And is the time displayed Zulu?

Really not liking the new format. No easy way to identify a previous comment other than time/date. A tiny comment box. No preview button. No indication as to which tags are available. Absolutely must click through to see the full contents of every post with no way to directly go to the next or previous posts unless it was one of the latest five. Maybe other annoyances that I don't notice right now.

Overall, bleahhhhhhhh. :-þ

By Shawn Smith (not verified) on 26 May 2012 #permalink

Okay, time displayed is currently kind of close to Central Daylight / Eastern Standard (UTC-5). Except it's fast by about 7 min. And the "more" link above does not move to the next post like the preview status would indicate, but opens up a small box with "bookmark and share." I'll say again, bleaaaaahhhh.

By Shawn Smith (not verified) on 26 May 2012 #permalink