Step away from the security vehicle with the dog in it.

The other day I found myself with Huxley standing outside a townhouse with no way to get in, within a walled-in court yard, in Minneapolis. Suddenly a K9 Patrol car with dogs came tearing into the courtyard. Other police cars showed up. Cops with drawn guns were running around. It was interesting to contemplate the difference in strategy to avoid ricochet bullets within the stone and brick enclosed area vs. attack dogs who might assume that we were bad guys. I moved Huxley to a corner facing away from the action and then I watched, prepared to throw him up on my shoulders while I wrestled with a police attack dog.

Turns out neither was a concern. But that's because I wasn't at Walmarts in Arkansas! Have a look at this video:

Photo of attack dog by Lucas Vieira Moreira

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I always carry the 'persuader-defender' (think Kubaton mated to numchukku) with me and can scare off or seriously phuck up a dog with it. The dog would have been seriously messed up by the time the handler got to it. Then I would SUE the PANTS of the police department!!!
I am an avid believer in self-defense.

It's a good thing there was video, or this incident would just disappear.

That was a wonderfully fanciful story Greg. You are such a great story teller.

By Markus Fitzhenry (not verified) on 19 Jun 2012 #permalink

What they are terming a "bail out" mechanism is quite literally a *remote control* carried by the officer. This one was probably susceptible to signals from something like somebody else's door unlock remote.

By Bob O`Bob (not verified) on 20 Jun 2012 #permalink

for all the years i've lived in MN and the ten or so in the far SE corner of South Mpls i have never had a reason to fear the police.when i walk my dog at night and the K9 car drives by i give them a wave,they nod back.

scidog, but there are no Walmarts in South. That's the difference. (By the way, the K9 event I mention at the townhouses was in Near Northeast.)

Bob: Or the guy butt-dialed it?

Or is there even a more nefarious explanation ....

hopefully not.