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There has been concern over the safety of Gardasil (and other?) HPV vaccines. This concern emanates from the usual Anti-Vax sources. The Anti-Vax people are wrong, often to the point where we have to regard them as delusional, about everything they say. If you find yourself leaning towards thinking that they have a point, you need to check yourself because they don't. There are good reasons why parents worry about vaccines (see "The vaccination does make the baby cry, so why do it?"), but in the final analysis (or even way before the final analysis) these worries are falsehoods. I would like to direct you to THIS POST by Orac (see also this) as a good place to start, and quite possibly end, your consideration of this issue. I won't link to recent sensationalistic news stories about the horrors of HPV vaccines because they are worthless drek. And no, I do not get a check from Big Pharm. I don't like Big Pharm any more than I like Monsanto, yet Huxley and Julia are fully vaccinated and we eat. Life is complex.

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I'm not antivax and most people who look in to vaccination usually aren't. To believe every vaccination is 100% safe and the only possible reason for people to turn down a vaccination is because they are scared of their baby crying or a needle is delusional. To blindly accept every immunisation for every disease or illness and to believe there are never side affects or deaths caused by immunisation is delusional. I'm pro people using their minds and researching, are we not taught life is about forever learning.Our children have been vaccinated but it doesn't mean I will accept every immunisation that is invented with out thought about how it will affect their long term health. To say concern about Gardasil is from the Anti-vax people is really like trying to blame them for anybody who ever questions anything about any medication. Perhaps the concern is from people who actually know someone, or are the one who has had a reaction to an immunisation. So I'm not anti-vax I'm pro knowledge.

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An Internet first: a denier who is quite certain they have good reasons ;)

First reply is sofa king dumb.

Glad to see you folks still don't post truth or have any integrity... keep up the bad sociopathic work you do for the drug companies... keep helping to deny compensation to the children & families suffering from vaccine injuries & causing more to become injured... nice work

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We've been calling this work out in New Zealand as Drs. Lee (and SANE Vax by extension) and Shaw have been involved in the coroner’s inquiry that Orac refers to in an article of his linked in the one you point to.

I wrote an intentionally gentle piece introducing the issue of these people being involved in the coroner's inquest (see Location, above), deferring most of my criticism to the article of Orac’s I linked above and the comments that follow my article, where I've added links to background information, criticism from others, etc.

The NZ Immunisation Advisory Centre has offered some harsh criticism of the expert witnesses the parents introduced to the inquest - one of these is Lee who, apparently, works for SANE Vax. (The other, Shaw, also has links to anti-vaccine groups.)…

MMR package insert - 11 pages of warnings, adverse events, adverse reactions, precautions and contraindications.

Vaccine Injury Table - Lists dozens of of adverse reactions to vaccines that lead to injuries and deaths. These are assumed to be proved to be caused by vaccines or have a preponderance of evidence that cannot be refuted.

CDC's Vaccine Excipient List - Shows the variety of contaminants and toxins in every vaccine currently available. this includes the different types of animal tissues, animal blood products, as well as human tissues that contaminate vaccines we give to children.

The human tissue debris (immortal cells from a boy and girl fetus that were aborted decades ago in which live virus and bacteria are grown for use in vaccines) are probably responsible for the epidemic rise in many autoimmune disorders.
MMR package insert, for instance, lists pancreatitis and diabetes as MMR adverse reactions.
Merck also admits that MMR is proved to caused arthritis in 12-24% of women that are injected. In some the arthritis becomes chronic.
Diabetes and arthritis are autoimmune diseases.
MIBE is an autoimmune brain disorder proved to be caused by MMR and other vaccines. It can lead to death or developmental problems.

Vaccines are not simply "safe and effective". The risks we take with vaccines are directly related to the effort we put into properly screening kids and adults.

Screening ensures it is safe to give a vaccine.

Screening must involve the healthcare professional administering the vaccines, the parents/guardians and the health history of the person or child getting the vaccine.

Screening, if not done properly, can lead to injury and death.

Everyone who has been injured by vaccinations are kids or adults that were not properly screened.

Another problem with our vaccine program is that no one knows how many injuries and deaths vaccines cause.
We do not have an active surveillance system, meaning that no one is deliberately trying to find out how many and what type of injuries and deaths vaccines cause.

Until we properly regulate vaccine makers and hold them accountable for the harm their products cause, these problems will get worse.

As Always,
For the protection of children,
In the interests of truth and science,
Michael Polidori

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