Twin Cities Home School Creation Science Fair 2013!!!!

Hey, did anybody go to the 2012 fair? I couldn't make it. Let me know how it went.

Anyway, the 2013 fair will be at a new location, leading Har Mar to say "Creation Science Fair, why hath thou forsaken me?"

Here's the details for this year's Creation Science Fair:

2013 Home School Science Fair
Saturday, February 9, 2013
Northwestern College, Totino Fine Arts Center, Lobby
3003 North Snelling Ave.
Roseville Minnesota

Details here.

They say that last year there were 60 entries, but there are only photographs of 20. I wonder why those other children's work was left out? I sure hope they don't feel bad.

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Now that's interesting. They've moved it out of the Har-Mar shopping mall and onto the campus of a very conservative Christian college. I wonder what prompted that decision.

By See Nick Overlook (not verified) on 01 Feb 2013 #permalink

I wonder if they are not being charged rent at Northwestern.

By Michael R Haubrich (not verified) on 02 Feb 2013 #permalink

It is interesting that Northwestern is where Bruce Simat teaches biology, or at least he did back when he was testifying in front of the Kansas BOE during its contentious hearings about whether evolution should be reinserted into the curriculum.

By Michael R Haubrich (not verified) on 02 Feb 2013 #permalink

I noted that they request measurements in the metric system. I thought this was America!

By Michael R Haubrich (not verified) on 02 Feb 2013 #permalink