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Over on my facebook page, Bora Zivkovic made the excellent suggestion that what constitutes a "science blog" can be determined by listing on the ScienceSeeker index, here:

Not a bad suggestion as a start. It would take a lot of work on the part of @bloggies to redeem their reputation in the eyes of the science bloggers.

Giving lifetime awards to anti-science blogs is the killer. What reputable science blogger would want to be associated with WUWT, The Auditor or Tallbloke, let alone a crackpot conspiracy theorist like "Jo Nova"?

(Not sure how SkepticalScience found it's way there. They are the the sane website in the asylum.)

One of the prominent members of the skeptical science community has just announced that climate scientists who say that the release of fossil carbon into the atmosphere causes global warming and other changes in climate should be thrown in jail for saying those things. He has managed to get someone from the police and/or prosecutor office to agree to that. We may see some scientists charged with practicing climate science if that develops.

I'm not going to name the person I'm referring to or mention where this is happening because I don't want to give that individual any attention, but the very moment some scientist gets arrested and tossed in a cell (even though they would surely get out once a legitimate judge gets on to it), the Bloggies will be associated with a movement that does what Stalin did; throwing scientists in jail is the kind of reactionary activity that movements fueled by ignorance can cook up. Giving awards to the leaders of movements fueled by ignorance is the same as supporting them.

And no, the protestations of ignorance by the bloggies organizer are absurd. If they are so ignorant of what is happening in their own project they should back off and do something else. But I don't believe someone could be so clueless. The bloggie organizers seem to have thrown the planet under the bus, for their own reasons that I can not fathom.

I'm not gong to read about some dog....!

If I read you correctly - and unless you have additional into that I'm not privy to - While said person may have found a stray police officer who is a denialist, I very much doubt he would get the Office of Public Prosecutions in that location to agree there was a case to answer. The Government is centrist/leftist which would not be inclined to have anything that would make them a laughing stock throughout the world.

Said person makes a habit of empty threats. (Still, stranger things have happened.)

Lol - if only :)

BTW, the missing comment was, "your dog has a credit card???"

I don't know what the pending issues are, unless he is referring to his threatened law suit.