Senate Vote on Keystone Imminent

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The moment is here: about an hour ago, some of big oil's best paid Senators filed an amendment supporting construction of Keystone XL to the Senate's budget bill.

Our goal today is to keep the Senate from forcing Obama to approve the pipeline. The oil industry is using all their money and might to push Keystone, but we've stopped them before, and we can do it again.

Many of us called our Senators once already this week to stop the pipeline, and it made an impact on big oil's vote count. One of the people that big oil needs to support this bill is Senator Amy Klobuchar from Minnesota -- and since this vote will come down to the wire, they're doubling down with pressure.

The vote could come in a matter of hours -- can you call Sen. Klobuchar before the vote to tell her to stop the pipeline?

Here's the number to use:

Sen. Klobuchar - (202) 224-3244
Then, click here to report what you heard and share this news:

And here's a suggestion for what to say when you call today:

"Hi, I'm calling to oppose the Keystone XL pipeline amendment that was just introduced to the budget. The science is settled: this pipeline is a climate disaster, and I insist that the Senator oppose this or any other attempt to force construction of the pipeline."

In a close fights like this, calls from passionate constituents play a key role in helping Senators decide which way they will vote. Calls now will stiffen the spines of Senators who may be weakening, and get others off the fence.

This pipeline is a climate disaster, which is the reason that hundreds of thousands of Americans have taken action to stop it. If you're a part of that number, you already know the stakes. It's time for our supposed leaders to get serious about climate change and stop the pipeline.

Thanks for calling -- I'll have an update after the vote,


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Serious, un-loaded, polite question from a skeptic: What do you and your readers see as the most compelling and authentic evidence that CO2 changes the climate?

I know what I think, I would like to hear what you and your readers think.


By Michael Moon (not verified) on 22 Mar 2013 #permalink

There are so any compelling pieces of evidence that I would be irresponsible to single out one.

Please do, just one would satisfy my curiosity. One must be the best and most compelling, no?

By Michael Moon (not verified) on 22 Mar 2013 #permalink

Why would it work that way? It is a complex process. Is there some virtue in there being one main piece if evidence? In truth there are dozens of candidates for "most compelling"

What do you and your readers see as the most compelling and authentic evidence that CO2 changes the climate?

Let me see….
On the one side we have the national academy of sciences.
(and every other legitimate scientific organization on the face of the planet)

On the other side we have the boys from the Tobacco institute.

Now the NAS is only right about 97% of the time (since science itself sometimes has it wrong)

The boys from the tobacco institute on the other hand are much more consistent. They are wrong 100% of the time. It is literally their business model. They only weigh in of a subject after it has all been settled. And they only weigh in to lie their asses off.

We could talk about all the mountains of evidence (literally as far as the geological record of climate), but you already decided to side with the boys from the tobacco institute, so there REALLY IS NO POINT, IS THERE.

You have your big lie and your “sound science” (which it turns out means science without math) and uncountable many other steaming piles of horseshit, but none of it seems to move the real scientists. It is, you say, a conspiracy by the scientists.

And for once in your bullshit life, you are right. It is a conspiracy by the scientists to expose the lying sacks of shit as lying sacks of shit. Science has always been exactly that conspiracy.