Kickstarter's Guide to Reddit Style Rape.

Humanity truly sucks and I can prove it. One word: Reddit.


OK, you may want some background.

A Reddit Regular, perhaps a Reddit celeb (or at least he is now) wants to write a book on how guys seduce women, and he's asking for money on Kickstarter. One of his tips is this: You move in close, pull out your penis, take the woman's hand and .... whatever.

I find it interesting that many commenters are referring to that as inappropriate, or sexual assault, by way of objecting to it. I'm pretty sure, though, that it is rape. Probably depends on the state. In any event, now that I've revealed one of Ken Hoinsky's helpful tips for how to get women to like you, I'll quickly add just in case you didn't know: Guys, don't do that. Just. Don't. Do. That. Don't.

The book rape-apologist and redditor Ken Hoinsky intends to "write" is mostly going to consist of previously written garbage he'll steal from the Reddit "Seduction" community. Clearly, Hoinsky is a loser of the lowest level if that's all he's go. Ctrl-c, Ctrl-v, give me money.

Here's a question that is being asked: Why does Kickstarter allow projects that are basically rape handbooks? And why should anybody ever even visit the Kickstarter site, or give any money to any project of any kind, or take any of your projects to Kickstarter, as long as they Kickstarter is run by boneheaded idiots who think this monstrous project is OK?

Here's a petition you can sign to tell the Kickstarter CEO to do the right thing.

Here's the story in more detail.

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As long as Kickstarter gets a cut, I can't imagine they're going to care much about anything short of genocide.

By Dick Powis (not verified) on 21 Jun 2013 #permalink

I agree it's rape. It could also be the last time he peed standing up.

By Richard Chapman (not verified) on 21 Jun 2013 #permalink

I find his advice objectionable, but the whole penis-in-hand bit is being taken out of context. He's not talking about doing it to a stranger in a bar but to someone who you're already in bed with.

By Kevin W. Parker (not verified) on 21 Jun 2013 #permalink

Greg, if it is that way I totally agree, I have done that with women that I was already at that stage of a relations ship.