Vaccination, Anti-Vax, Measles Outbreak and a Poll

Apparently, there is a Faith Healer [who] Convinces Followers To Never Vaccinate, [and] Now Church [is] The Center Of Measles Outbreak

The Eagle Mountain International Church in Newark, Texas, run by Kenneth Copeland Ministries, has long been a strong anti-vaccination stronghold. Now, it is the epicenter of a major outbreak of Measles in the United States.

And, here is a poll that asks: Should anti-vaccine parents be held liable if their child spreads an illness?

Say an unvaccinated child has the measles and passes the disease onto a baby who’s too young to be vaccinated. If that baby gets ill (or worse), should its parents be able to sue the infected child’s parents for negligence?

Last time I checked, "No" was winning, with about 7K votes in.

It is reasonable to ask "The vaccination does make the baby cry, so why do it?" Here's the answer.

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The stupid burns hot and fast at that poll link but the yesses are catching up to the noes since you posted this.

By Doug Alder (not verified) on 26 Aug 2013 #permalink