"The missing body of Addie Mae Collins"

Maggie Koerth-Baker has an amazing story at Boing Boing. The link is HERE. You just have to go read it. It is about what happened to the body of Addie Mae Colins, one of the people killed in the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing by the KKK. Just go read it.

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Oh my. Sometimes I am sorry I read things. That is sooooo sad......When I was at McGill university in the 1980s, the anatomy lab went through great pains to tell us about how all the bodies were donated to medical research and that in Quebec, the few unclaimed bodies per year were divided between all the medical schools in Quebec and accounted for one or two per school per year. A very small percentage of the cadavers in the anatomy rooms.
So sad.

For Pete's sake! When they dug up the grave site, there wasn't even a coffin. Body snatchers never ever took the coffins with them, they just took the bodies. This particular cemetery has a very long history of incompetence and neglect. When the family finally was able to get a proper headstone for Addie decades after her death (thanks to a Congressman), the cemetery simply put the headstone in the wrong place. We have to remember that between the time Addie was murdered and the time a headstone was put in place the time span was DECADES - not weeks - and by then the funeral home who (very poorly) ran the cemetery had suffered a fire that destroyed all their records (if they ever even kept any). This is a very sad story but it's nothing nefarious or conspiratorial...it's just a very sad story about incompetence and neglect of a cemetery.

I was born in Birmingham, in 1965 my mom died I was 12 years old. My mom was buried in Woodlawn cemetery, not to far from Ada mae I was very young but I remember till I did were she was buried, I have went there quite a few times and have been unable to find her grave. Poole funeral home was in charge of her burial, do to financial problems I cannot afford to locate her gravesite. I also remember the bombing. I remember when we buried my mom everyone left my mom grave site to visit the grave site of the little girl who was killed in the bombing of the church. Maybe one day I will be able to find my mom. I had tears for this family because I know what they are experiencing. Not knowing were your love one remains are. My god bless them.

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