Two Guys Named Bill On Poverty and Childhood Death and Disease

Bill Gates has this thing called Gates Letter addressing three myths:

  • Poor Countries Are Doomed To Stay Poor
  • Foreign Aid Is A Big Waste
  • Saving Lives Leads To Overpopulation

That these are myths is discussed in detail HERE.

In a related project, Bill Nye has made this video dispelling an overlapping set of myths:

And here's Bill Gates' "Viral Video"

Important cause. Not sure if that video is going to go viral, though.

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My son was born just after the beginning of the year. To mark the occasion, I researched some ways in which the world of today is better than the world I was born into, in 1980.

Infant mortality has fallen by 50% worldwide and in the USA. It's fallen by three-quarters in India and China. Global under-5 mortality has also dropped by half.

All of this not in a century but in a single generation. We may have screwed up in any number of ways, but surely we've done something right.

By Young CC Prof (not verified) on 27 Jan 2014 #permalink