Transparent Aluminum

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Compare this: this: P.S. With all of these compare&contrast posts, I'd like you to also monitor your own emotional reactions to the speeches, as that is how most of the voters will watch them and thus make their decisions.
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Compare this: to this: Question: which one of them more strongly and sincerely supports the candidate of his party?

Please get this industrialized and made available as standard window panes, so burglars can't smash my windows anymore.

By Christian Heck… (not verified) on 31 Mar 2014 #permalink

Isn't this a day early?

By Richard Chapman (not verified) on 01 Apr 2014 #permalink

Christian Heckmann Engelbrecht @ #1 -
You might want to look into the various plastic laminate films that can be applied to normal glass windows. There are several available presently that are rated to be resistant to hurricane damage and as a security measure against burglars. The laminates do help resist damage but mainly they hold the glass together and prevent entry. There are some laminate films that can be applied over existing windows so you can get most of the benefits without having to replace the windows.

Am I the only person who understands that Scotty invented the iPhone?