More exciting comparative physiology sessions at EB 2012!


In looking through the online program for this years' EB, I came across additional comparative physiology seminars that I am very much looking forward to attending (to see the prior list of must-see seminars, click here):

Monday April 23rd:
8:00am-10:00am: "Hypoxia Inducible Factors in Health and Disease," chaired by B. Rees, CG Wilson, and M Watanabe.

10:30-12:30: "Sodium and water homeostasis: Genetic and comparative models," chaired by T Pannabecker and K Hyndman.

12:45-3:15pm: Don't forget to attend the Scholander poster session to meet the future scientists in comparative physiology and hear about their research. (posters: D522-D551) Also be sure to stop by the other comparative physiology posters listed in the program!

Tuesday April 24th:
12:45-3:15: More comparative physiology posters!

Wednesday April 25th:
8:00-10:00am: "Gastrointestinal physiology and the microbiome," chaired by RT Worrel and APS Past-President, HV Carey. There are some really neat comparative physiology seminars in this session!

I look forward to seeing everyone at the APS 125th Anniversary opening and closing ceremonies as well!

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