Very Important New Documentary: Years of Living Dangerously

This is an amazing series of nine episodes looking at climate change. Here's an FAQ on the series by Joe Romm.

It’s the biggest story of our time. Hollywood’s brightest stars and today’s most respected journalists explore the issues of climate change and bring you intimate accounts of triumph and tragedy. YEARS OF LIVING DANGEROUSLY takes you directly to the heart of the matter in this awe-inspiring and cinematic documentary series event from Executive Producers James Cameron, Jerry Weintraub and Arnold Schwarzenegger. YEARS OF LIVING DANGEROUSLY premieres Sunday, April 13 at 10PM ET/PT – only on SHOWTIME®.

Each correspondent delves into a different impact of climate change – from the damage wrought by Superstorm Sandy in the New York tri-state area to political upheaval caused by droughts in the Middle East to the dangerous level of carbon emissions resulting from deforestation. The project will portray the current and intensifying effects of climate change on everyday Americans and demonstrate how they can take action and be part of the solution.

YEARS OF LIVING DANGEROUSLY will combine the blockbuster storytelling styles of Hollywood’s top movie makers, including James Cameron and Jerry Weintraub, with 60 Minutes ’ Joel Bach and David Gelber’s reporting expertise, to reveal critical stories of heartbreak, hope and heroism as the race to save the planet continues.

I don't get showtime but I might be able to get a free episode to show you tomorrow, Monday. Watch this space:

This will activate at midnight. Problem is I'm not sure which midnight and I hear there are 24 of them:

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Bugger I don't get Showtime either - not available here.

By Smarter Than Y… (not verified) on 07 Apr 2014 #permalink

I watched the whole thing… heart-breaking and real. It brings home very carefully how climate change is already creating chaos and it is only going to get worse. And corruption, in concert with the primacy of selfish business interests and political power struggles, and the fact that people cannot in each region in crisis cannot seem to connect the dots.

We have some new heroic figures and some old ones - Katherine Hawhoe, both a top climate scientists and a Christian, Harrison Ford, digging into the corrupt Forest Ministry practices that are selling the last forests of Indonesia to big palm oil companies, and so many others… these seem at first unrelated stories, but they document the first salvos of a worldwide period of drought, fires, storms and economic and social upheaval, of danger and starvation, and revolution… this cannot be easy to watch, but anyone who does not take all this seriously, is not protected by ignorance… we are all in this mess together.

Take away message: avoid all products with palm oil.
Speak out about climate change, and debunk the lies when they are spoken, especially by politicians.

This is THE ISSUE of the 21st century. If human minds cannot deal with this one, we deserve to go extinct.

By Helga Vierich (not verified) on 07 Apr 2014 #permalink

"This is THE ISSUE of the 21st century. If human minds cannot deal with this one, we deserve to go extinct."

Pretty much right on Helga

By Smarter Than Y… (not verified) on 07 Apr 2014 #permalink