December 10th. An hour of climate activism, please. Mark your calendars.

Let me introduce you to Itzcuauhtli. Watch this:

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This is a short video clip of myotome formation in a zebrafish embryo — it's the subject of an upcoming column in Seed, so I'm putting a short visual aid here. You can Download the Quicktime movie (620K), or you can watch it via YouTube. Watch closely, it's short and it flies by! If you're…
And thus, structurally, Richard Dawkins, or his distant cousin Richard D. Poe (I am still not sure) has shut down the argument that the Elevator Guy acted inappropriately when he asked Rebecca Watson over for a cuppa joe at four O'clock in the AM, in an elevator, while she was on her way to bed.…
Science Scout twitter feed Chris Jordan has done it again. And if you're not sure who this fellow is, then let me be the first to introduce you to this digital artist extraordinaire, who creates these magnificent images of consumption in our world. The latest is a little mindboggling to say the…
Steve Schmidt, bless his pointy Republican head, makes a very important point here. And to underscore the point, let me ask you this: How do we go from having an "election" to having a "president elect"? The process is actually a bit subtle and somewhat more complicated than one might think.…

No words.

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The temperature over Greenland at present is between about 10 and 50 or so degrees below freezing C. So that might have been an interesting weather event but short lived.

Greg, ignore Robert Scribbler. He tends to go straight to the top...and then quite a bit over. It's not nearly as bad as the stuff from Steven Goddard on the pseudoskeptic side, but you will find most on realist side (that'll be us) ignoring him.