How To Demolish Climate Denial

John Cook, of the University of Queensland, and his colleagues, have created a MOOC ... Massive Open Online Course ... called "Making Sense of Climate Science Denial."

Why does this matter? How does it work? What can you do?

All of these questions are answered here: University offering free online course to demolish climate denial.

Fight sticky myths with even sticker sticklier facts.

Do go check it out. See you in class!


Check out: The First Earth Day, an epoch journey into politics, explosions, folk music, and old boats floating on stinking rivers.

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That darn spellchecker again... It's a stickler for those odd stickers that are really sticky, until you get stuck with a stickier one that's just stinky. Well, like you say, What can you do?

By Brainstorms (not verified) on 21 Apr 2015 #permalink

Stickier facts? For the most ardent among them, facts are a hindrance to be overcome.

By cosmicomics (not verified) on 21 Apr 2015 #permalink

But doesn't using facts actually make deniers more ....deniable?