Live Blogging Climate Denial 4: The Best Week So Far

... because it is Paleo!

Paleo data, models, expectations, observations, about the past and to some extent the future. The Little Ice Age. The Hockey Stick. And, what people get wrong about it all.

Denial101x Making Sense of Climate Science Denial goes paleo (and Medieval) this week. Here is a sample video, Andy Skuce on the Little Ice Age:

Peter Jacobs employs a great analogy of encountering a dangerous bear in the woods to help us understand palaeoclimatology.

Professor Tim Osborn, Professor Michael Mann, Professor Katrin Meissner, Professor Dan Lunt and Professor Isabella Velicogna get down with a lot of details about past climates, proxies like ice cores and corals, and how this all gets linked to more recent thermometer data. Michael Mann talks about development of the the Hockey Stick research. The nature of climate variability over time.

Robert Way on the Medieval Warm Period aka the Medieval Climate Anomaly. Lots of great denialism about this topic!

What does the term "Hide the decline" really mean? Get the real story from the real scientists, Michael Mann and Tim Osborn:

Dana Nuccitelli explains what models are all about. Professor Dan Lunt of the University of Bristol, Professor Andrew Pitman of the University of New South Wales and Professor Katrin Meissner of the University of New South Wales also talk about climate models.

OMG the 1970s Ice Age Myth!!!! Daniel Bedford explores what really happened in climate science in that decade:

See also this: The 1970s Ice Age Myth and Time Magazine Covers – by David Kirtley

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