The Tuluver, A New Species of Bird

People were fascinated, excited, and some were enraged, by this awareness raising campaign of BirdLife South Africa.

I might have preferred this modification:


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This enraged, possibly rabid, antlered and befanged squirrel (?) encapsulates the spirit of my week so well, I just had to share. TGIF, friends. Via Crappy Taxidermy, of course.

Huh. Nowadays they don't even call it that? Arrrggh.

See :

Oh and it isn't endangered quite now like I thought it was back then? Sheesh, is everything I thought I knew once wrong? Sigh.

Oh well, good to know it isn't actually as threatened as I once thought though.

Feh. I hate birds. Stupid therapods that shit all over the place. If it weren't for their vital roll in insect control .....