The Pies are Piling Up

As the deadline for the 2010 Pi Day Pie Bake-Off approaches, the entries are stacking up. In addition to the pies we've already posted here on Page 3.14, three of our own ScienceBloggers have thrown their hats in the ring. It's a good thing we don't actually have the pies here at ScienceBlogs headquarters to judge, because we'd be running out of counter space for them.

Wait a second, what are we saying? We can definitely find space for them if you want to send them to us...

In this next batch we have a One-Hundred-Digit berry pie from Claudette, a Banana Cream pie from Brendan Jinnohara, and an Ordered Pear pie from Deena Prichep. So much fruit pie in one post! Let's have a look, shall we?

Claudette's amazing One-Hundred-Digit pie is made with cherries and four different kinds of berries: raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries. The filling and dough are both pretty standard, but Claudette's pie becomes a standout with the addition at the end of one hundred digits of pi cut out of pie crust! This might have to become part of next year's bake-off campaign.


Brendan Jinnohara's Banana Cream pie entry is a serious contender in the Most Photogenic prize category. It's so pretty we can't really imagine eating it. Though, we would still like to. He calls his crust a "No Fear Pie Crust," which sounds encouraging, like we could actually make it. The banana filling contains cinnamon...okay, Brendan, we're intrigued.


Mostly Foodstuffs blogger Deena Prichep's Ordered Pear pie features a fractal pattern of pears atop a custardy frangipane filling. Deepa will be the first to point out this might actually be more of a tart than a pie, but as she says, "Pi Day is not about divisions -- its about bringing us together around a love of math. And pie." Well said.

i-fafa80e8436201ac5fe3ce32b2835621-pie whole 3.JPG


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