Climate Change Elevator Pitches

Rob Honeycutt is famous for his many contributions, at Skeptical Science, in the comment threats on my blog, and elsewhere, in defense of climate science, where that defense is largely against the deniers of science and damagers of civilization. (He is also the guy who makes these famous messenger bags) He deserves a lot of credit for all the work he has done in this area.

Over the years, Honeycutt has developed a number of dialogs related to most, possibly all, areas of human caused global warming and climate change. Along with these dialogs, he has also developed some very helpful graphics.

And now, he has put them together in a book: 28 Climate Change Elevator Pitches: Short Explanations on the Scientific Basis of Man-made Climate Change.

Full disclosure: As noted in the book, I did help out as a reader of some of the chapters, but I hasten to add that I did very little to contribute to this book; when I first saw it, it was very far along and nearly a done project.

The premise of the book is:

If you stepped into an elevator and had 2 minutes to explain some aspect of climate science to someone, could you do it? Most people lack the time to become fully informed on this critical issue. The science is complex and varied. Here are 28 quick pitches to help you better understand this issue which we should all be concerned about.

Personally, I'm not sure if these, or most of these, 28 arguments are truly elevator speeches. For one thing, where graphics are used, you'd have to carry the graphics around with you! For another thing, as brief and concise as they are, a true elevator speech has to be one paragraph long and that's it.

But, the arguments are carefully thought out, scientifically valid, and clear. Indeed, a true elevators speech is not supposed to be the convincing story, the discourse that causes someone to accept an argument. Rather, the elevator speech is designed to get the person with whom you are speaking to step off the elevator with you, walk slowly down the hallway towards their destination, and even be willing to stop for an extra minute to hear you out. That speech, that somewhat longer and full argument about a very specific topic, is what Rob Honeycutt's book does at such a high level of excellence. This book, available in various formats including the Kindle, is an essential add on to your library (and the Kindle version is only 4 bucks!).

You may want the afore linked to Kindle version (or get an eVersion on iTunes, or wherever) because it will be searchable, which may be handy. But, because of the graphics, I'm thinking you will much prefer a print version. The print version, (CLICK HERE FOR THAT) because it has high quality graphics, is not quite as inexpensive, but I know from the author that this is about as cheap as he could make it. Honeycutt is so committed to making this widely available that he went ahead and made a cheaper lower res version, and a higher res version.

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March Thursday 16, 2017, 7.45 AM DT

Royal Dutch Shell (Oil) (Shell) published a rather forgotten film in 1991 ‘Climate of concern’, ca. 28 minutes. The commentary says: “Our numbers are many and infinitely different, but the problems and dilemma’s of climate change concern us all.”
In 2017 the problems are skyhigh:
We have to cooperate instead of fighting eachother out of the tent.

This inside documentary gives a clear insight.

By Mr G.J.A.M. Bogaers (not verified) on 15 Mar 2017 #permalink

Laren NH, Thursday 16 March 2017, 7:56 AM DT

With reference to Al Gore's plee for a re-establishment of true discussion instead of some kind of seeing developing again a useless and foolish guerilla, leading to nowhere, I would kindly suggest to all of us fellow-respondents to communicate according to rules of proper and ethic communication, this is no anonymity, no swearing, no personal attacks, no false assumptions, but respect for different opinions and arguments. Stick to the ball not to the person.

For Al Gore's call in favor of a good, honest debate see:

'Former Vice President Al Gore speaks with Judy Woodruff in the PBS NewsHour studio Monday, March 13, 2017.'…

By Mr G.J.A.M. Bogaers (not verified) on 15 Mar 2017 #permalink

Fuck off boogers. Want rules imposed? Go on your own blog.

You cannot have a 'true discussion' with a bunch of fucking liars and right-wing ideologues Gerrit.

Those of us with long experience of dealing with the merchants of bad faith know this for a fact. Others, like you, have yet to learn.

Being 'advised' by the inexperienced is irritating, so leave the tone-trolling at the door, please.

Wow - we crossed there.

We were taking different issues with booger's claim, really.

And it's not like putting his "real name" and now his "full real real name, really" up there has made booger's posts any more intelligible.

Just downloaded the Kindle version and am running it on my PC. The results are not good; The pictures are fine but the text is not properly spaced and runs into itself a lot. Anyone know if there is a setting to correct this? Or was the person in charge of the modern equivalent of typesetting incompetent ......or a disgruntled denialist.

SteveP, maybe the producer of the book will be making some adjustments over time and the updated version will work better.

What happens if you change font size?

I would have thought the opposite ... that the text would work better than the graphics.

Hi Greg, I've tried all the obvious buttons including font size without being able to change the text spacing BUT the text to speech feature seems to work pretty well, and that is pretty neat... except, of course, it ignores the pictures. Anyway, Amazon probably just wants to sell us more Kindle devices, based on the meager support they give to people who use a PC to view any of their Kindle products.

Despite the Kindle /PC problem, It looks like a pretty useful book overall and I think I will order the hard copy to have on hand.

Why does no one want to talk about the 22 HAARP machines in the world today. The first two in Russia and Alaska were build to try and make the Northwest Passage available year round. These machines heat the ionosphere and bubble it with weather results each time. Global Warming is man made or better government made. Right now the U.S. is rolling out cell towers with 300,000 mgz on them building one huge HAARP machine. You cannot play with the atmosphere without heating it up, that is what a HAARP machine does.

@Ed: Take your pills and shut up.

" You cannot play with the atmosphere without heating it up, that is what a HAARP machine does."

Wow, that's a new one. Hilarious.

I'll have to do some sums before deciding on which side of "chemtrails" this one sites on the dumbness scale.

By Craig Thomas (not verified) on 21 Mar 2017 #permalink