Donald S. Beyer Letter to Lamar Smith on Climate Change Hearings of March 2017

Behold the following letter from Representative Donald S. Beyer in reference to the recent House Science, Space, and Technology hearing "Climate Science: Assumptions, Policy, Implications, and Scientific Method" held last month (Warning Big File):

Beyer Fact Check - Submitted April 11

Here is a smaller, much abbreviated and much less fun version of the letter, sans the extensive appendix:

Letter Only

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Caption Contest Submittal. - Well there is the obvious of course. Wooden headed dummy and two McCarthys but I think that one has been submitted before.

Honest hard work never killed anybody, but why take a chance?
(possible caption, paraphrased from Charlie McCarthy)
I find it appalling that a document like the Beyer fact check would only include material from the most eminent sources and not present one quote from RickA. Not one.
Timely segment on today's Science Friday…

By Obstreperous A… (not verified) on 14 Apr 2017 #permalink

I find it appalling that a document like the Beyer fact check would only include material from the most eminent sources and not present one quote from RickA. Not one.

Well, that's one opinion, and it's just as valid as any other. /s


All three of men pictured here has something up his ass. Only one has someone else's arm.

The hard core skeptics usually base their positions in religion, with such statements as "God made earth for man, so God would never do something so horrible to earth." The fact that there is nothing like that in the Bible is irrelevant to them. With such a position, facts are not relevant, and lies are in the service of the almighty.
The situation is the same as their views on evolution. Also the same as their views on black used to be; it probably still is, but most do not dare to be open about it.

By t marvell (not verified) on 14 Apr 2017 #permalink

I can't help but wonder what kind of child Smith was. What influences and circumstances in his life created the adult he is now?

Caption: "Watch out for that guy on the right; he's the sharpest one of the bunch."

By Christopher Winter (not verified) on 15 Apr 2017 #permalink

As it happens, I know Don - he's generally right on target. Lamar Smith is a fool. I'm glad Don called him out.

By David Jones (not verified) on 15 Apr 2017 #permalink

The McCarthy Brothers

going, going, gone

ps great explanation of the Karl / Fyfe "furore"

How very odd Rep. Smith should at once invoke Christy as an authorty on scientific consensus politicization and : claim Science magazine "is not known as an objective writer or magazine"

In an article in that journal Christy, co-authored, one reads :

"There was substantial increase in temperature from 1880 to 1940. However, from 1940 until the 1960s, temperatures dropped so much as to lead to predictions of a coming ice age. New, precise satellite data raise further questions about warming. From 1979 to 1988 large temperature variability was recorded, but no obvious temperature trend was noted during the 10-year period.' .. '

--R.W. Spencer and J. R. Christy, "Precise Monitoring of Global Temperature Trends from Satellites , " Science>/I> 247 (March 30, 1990): 1558

A Senator and two dummies.

By Keith Pickerin… (not verified) on 18 Apr 2017 #permalink