The Republican Trump Health Insurance Plan Is Not Well Supported

In a current poll, 61% of Americans want to retain Obamacare, and improve this already implemented and existing program. A mere 37% want to "repeal and replace" it.

About 69% of American want the Republicans, including the Republican President, to to do some combination of working with Congressional Democrats or a combination of Democrats and Republicans to improve the plan. The preference for having the Democrats do this as opposed to a combination is about 2:1. People have apparently observed that the Republicans are not capable of coming up with a usable plan.

The Republicans, including the Republican President, seemed to threaten Obamacare a while back, saying that through executive order and cabinet level actions, they should damage the existing Obamacare plan to make it look bad so people want it less. A tad under 80% of Americans oppose this idea. A mere 13% support it.

One of the major changes in the newly proposed plan, which the Republican Congress and President intend to pass into law by Friday, is that states would have more power to ignore parts of the plan or change it. The new survey clearly indicates that Americans are very opposed to this idea, which is the main new feature of this plan. About 62% of Americans want things like preventative services, maternity and pediatric care, prescription drugs, etc to be covered in all states. About 70% want pre-existing conditions covered in all states.

This very negative view of Paul Ryan and Donald Trump's version of a health insurance reform plan comes at the same time as parallel polling indicates that the Republican President is at this moment the least popular president known to polling science. There were a couple of real doozies in the past, but there is no polling data to show just how much the country disliked those individuals. For all the measured presidents, the current Republican president has the lowest ranking, and not by a small amount.

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Paul Ryan: I'm amazed that someone who so clearly hates anyone that is not a white christian male managed to gain power and still be considered "christian".

For all the measured presidents, the current Republican president has the lowest ranking, and not by a small amount.

And he's only just getting started.

Who? I thought that dude was called "Ron".


BBD and with about 1000 days to go - He should be pegged at zero by the

By Doug Alder (not verified) on 25 Apr 2017 #permalink

rePUKEian health plan not well supported??? Not surprising when their health plan is essentially ......
Poor get DIE!!!!!

And yet:…

Which suggests to me that a significant portion of people, however they feel about individual policies, mainly just want to burn it all down.

Meanwhile, as Colbert pointed out last night, Trump is more concerned with his TV ratings. And who knows, we may have come to the point where despite all, what people care about most is celebrity anyway.

By Obstreperous A… (not verified) on 25 Apr 2017 #permalink

Interesting point:

Without language, there is no accountability, no standard of truth. If Trump never says anything concrete, he never has to do anything concrete. If Trump never makes a statement of commitment, Trump supporters never have to confront what they really voted for. If his promises are vague to the point of opacity, Trump cannot be criticised for breaking them. If every sloppy lie (ie: “Just found out that Obama had my ‘wires tapped’ in Trump Tower … This is McCarthyism!”) can be explained away as a “generality” or “just a joke” because of “quotes”, then he can literally say anything with impunity. Trump can rend immigrant families in the name of “heart”, destroy healthcare in the name of “life”, purge minority voters in the name of “justice”, and roll back women’s autonomy in the name of “freedom”. The constitution? Probably sarcastic. There are “quotes” all over that thing!


Basically, the current president talks a good deal but never says anything - and since his positions are as solid as liquid Jello (but not as flavorful) his supporters will never be disappointed. Rational people - entirely different story.

Hmm, Trump as tabula rasa. Supporters have certainly been well prepped to see in him what they want, what the've been told to want as consumers of stite.

Kasich, the so called adult in the Republican room, was lecturing the other day echoing what a lot of people have been saying, that everyone should just start getting along. Never mind that he's been pretty passive when it comes to dismantling the wingnut propaganda machine that effectively turns brains into flavorless liquid jello.

It's as though he stood by watching as his cohort were happily pushing people over the edge of a cliff. And now, when they're half way down, he says "oops" leans over the edge, and yells at them to stop falling and just grow up.

When they finally go splat at the bottom, you just know he'll straighten up and say, "Serves 'em right! They should have listened to me."

Rationality is always correct. But when the mob starts to riot, and they begin burning down the stores that support the community, rational people are left pissing in the wind.

By Obstreperous A… (not verified) on 25 Apr 2017 #permalink

More to the point of the willful dishonesty of the right:

Locally (here in W MIchigan) the conservative rallying cry is that people have had enough of the years'-long tradition of obstructionism by the Democratic Party.

Outside talkers, alibi stores, flaties, flash, and a great big house of mirrors. Welcome to the carnival suckers.

By Obstreperous A… (not verified) on 25 Apr 2017 #permalink

While it might give some comfort to some, I think it is now clear that polls of what the American public likes, dislikes, wants, or doesn't want no longer translates into political advantage or disadvantage. As we've seen in the recent presidential election, much more important is a timely barrage of lies and obfuscation at election time along with vague promises of rewards to come (more jobs, greater security, thwarting unpopular ethnic minorities, etc.)

(1) A few years back, the public was over 90% in favor of universal background checks for gun purchase. Even NRA members were 75% in favor. What was the legislative result? Essentially nil.
(2) The popularity of the U. S. Congress prior to the 2016 election was at an all-time low. Who did the public blame at election time? Not the obstructionist GOP apparently. They now control both houses.
(3) During the campaign for nomination and for president, Trump's approval numbers prior to the election were so low with both Democrats and Republicans that many pundits foresaw the whole GOP slate going down to defeat. Result: the GOP now has all three branches of the federal government in hand, along with nearly 2/3 of the states.

Now that we are truly living in a conservative fantasyland where it will soon be 1950 again (and heading for 1850?), I suggest that the national capital be moved to Hollywood.

By Tyvor Winn (not verified) on 26 Apr 2017 #permalink