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I don't know about this. My 8yrs old is a lot smarter then trumpkin could ever be! And does not waste his time tweeting!

That is possibly one of the most covfefe

Definition of Covfefe:

an error (as of spelling) in typed or typeset material that is believed by retards to have some deep hidden meaning.

Funny how the whole Hitchens and waterboarding story has been rewritten, mainly by Hitchens.

That is off topic, but I can't see his smug face without remembering that he is a hypocrite.

(Everybody has the potential to be a hypocrite, but hypocrites who make a living off of accusing others of hypocrisy are hyperhypocrits)

It was only a matter of time until we had a president who made massive use of some type of social media.

The depressing thing is that the one we have is completely unsuited for office, a racist, bigot, congenital liar, and the dumbest asshole in government. In short - the poster child for the modern far right.

Leave Wow out of this...

Greg, what are you talking about? I see you put up a post of Hitchens and waterboarding, and another when he died, but neither mention any hypocrisy.

Trust Betula to defend his retarded President, just back from making a complete idiot of himself in his first foreign foray. Nobody is seeking to understand what covfefe means except as further evidence to prove that Trump is an intellectual minion. He is already caving into the deep state and becoming a neocon (something his Bannon-like worshippers will not like at all). On top of that Trump is the epitome of hypocrisy, claiming to be fighting Islamic State while selling hundreds of billions of dollars to Saudi Arabia, the world's biggest state sponsor of terrorism and a big supporter of Al Queda, Al Nusra and others terrorist organisations morphing into ISIL.

And of course Trump and his army of the illiterati consider climate change to be a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese. Yet for some many Americans still wonder why Trump is considered a laughingstock in the international arena. Enjoy your kleptocracy while it lasts.

By Jeff Harvey (not verified) on 31 May 2017 #permalink

Addendum: hundreds of billions of dollars worth of weapons. That will be used to further the destruction of Yemen. While the Empire of Chaos continues to play dumb and wonder why the threat of international terrorism continues to grow.

By Jeff Harvey (not verified) on 31 May 2017 #permalink

"Addendum: hundreds of billions of dollars worth of weapons. "

Made by the Saudis in Sauidi Arabia, bringing zero jobs to the USA, and because this deal is also teaching them how to develop their own weapons, cutting the future market of selling to them because the Saudis will be developing the weapons themselves.

Make Arabia Great Again.

Betula: Covfefe "is believed by retards to have some deep hidden meaning."

Spicer: "the president and a small group of people know exactly what he meant."

#14 oh fuck thats funny as fuck.

Jeff, Yemen is run by Iran backed Shia. Saudis don't like being surrounded by Iran, with Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen axis.

Spicer: “the president and a small group of people know exactly what he meant.”

Exactly - he meant for retards to believe that it has some deep hidden meaning...which they do.

And we see why betula is such an asshole -- even when his comments are shown to be false (he denied the leaks about the British investigation came from Trump's crew, although Tillerson admitted they did, he asserted there was no meaning to a word either misspelled or made up, then had Spicer say there was a meaning) he not only continues to say he's correct, he believes his use of 'retard' is acceptable.

It's still a funny comeback.

dean - "he believes his use of ‘retard’ is acceptable"

Looks like dean believes Covfefe is something more than a typo...


Once again betula, you make a blatant lie, as nowhere did I say I believed it.
I did say spicer indicated you were wrong.
Your acceptance of 'retard' shows you are the prototype for the "despicable" label. All of your other comments and opinions are supporting evidence.

Wow. You think Spicer just comes out and straight out lies to the American people during his press conferences? I'm shocked.

"Saudis don’t like being surrounded by Iran, with Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen axis."

And Russia probably doesn't like to be surrounded by western democracies or puppet nations of the USA. Therefore they're justified with their annexation of the southeast and southern states and their military buildup there?

"It’s still a funny comeback."

Yup, Layzejs comment was a brammer.

#25 Thats interesting history. Cheers.

Clearly Betty thinks it has a significant meaning: only retards think it means something significant.

Clearly what Drumpf the german anchor baby meant was fwewt.

"Nobody is seeking to understand what covfefe means except as further evidence to prove that Trump is an intellectual minion."

Indeed not. And the question "What does it mean?" is merely what was the word that was typoed into gibberish?

But nobody, not Spicer, not even that brainmelting ignoramus demonstrating exactly why alzheimers is an affliction that should bar you from running for any significant role in office, knows what he meant to type. Drumpf's memory, such as it is, doesn't extend back beyond five hours and he doesn't tell anyone what he means, only what to do.

Betty, however, has to defend the moronic thug purely because he's nominally on the right wingers' side.

Plus betty is petrified of the future. Especially since they're now sacked and unemployable.

dean - "nowhere did I say I believed it."

Be careful, you could be mistaken for a Trump supporter with a comment like that.... at which point you would be arguing with yourself....which you are.

Too late, betty, we can see you failed to read and are now running off at the brainstem into insanity.

Even you think you're a retard. You just want to pretend everyone else is so you don't feel so special-needs.

Don't feel bad Wow, I don't think of you as a retard. I think of you more as a hypocrite and a Fuckwit...

Did you collect your "corrupt" distribution from Westmill Solar yet?

Betula, were you born a congenital liar or did you have to work at it?

No problem, betty, we know you don't think. We know how empty your posts are. And how little you mean.