Michael Mann Endorses Rebecca Otto for Governor of Minnesota

State Auditor Rebecca Otto is running for Governor of Minnesota. She will seek the DFL (Democratic Party) Endorsement. There are several other candidates either declared or likely to run, but Otto stands head and shoulders above all the others, especially in three areas:

1) Honesty and integrity in government.

Otto has been recognized nationally by the auditors around the country, and this is for good reason. In fact, she's recognized internationally. The Minnesota Auditor's office, under Otto, is one of those places the US State Department sends people from other countries to figure out how they should set up their own Democracy. (I'm not sure if the State Department will still be doing that ....)

2) Eschewing the false balance and finding real common ground between desperate parties.

This is Rebecca Otto's super power. I've seen her do this right before my eyes.

The whole state saw her do it in Minnesota. There is a large mining region here, and mining companies want to start a new phase, extracting copper. Have you heard of the Environmental Movement? The US Environmental Movement has multiple roots, including my own home town Hudson River, with the sloop Clearwater and all that. But it also started in Minnesota, with the mining companies up on "The Range" (a place in Minnesota) where the miners were killing Lake Superior with their effluent. There has always been a fight on The Range between those who want more jobs and those who do not want to kill the Great Lakes and other natural wonders.

A couple of years ago, Rebecca cast a principled vote on a committee the Auditor serves on, the only vote among her fellow Democrats, to put environmental considerations on equal footing with jobs and other issues. She didn't want to see the big mining companies leave The Range in the same sort of mess, with respect to local costs of cleanup, lost jobs, etc., as they have in the past, and like mining companies tend to do. That move got all the Republicans and some of the Range Democrats mad at Otto, and they have been viciously attacking her ever since, because they want all those Range votes for themselves.

Meanwhile, Rebecca went to The Range, talked to people, helped all the parties find common ground, and on voting day, she outperformed the Democratic Governor, and the Congressional candidate in counties and precincts she should, according to common wisdom, should have lost. Twice.

(See this analysis of the elections.)

3) Rebecca Otto is a true Climate Hawk

And this is why climate scientist Michael Mann endorsed her. Among other things, Mann said:

... Otto is a shining example of the kind of integrity and leadership we hope for in our elected leaders but too rarely see: someone who puts their money where their mouth is. I’m proud to support Rebecca Otto for Governor of Minnesota, and urge everyone who is concerned about climate change and clean energy to join me in supporting her. ... As the Minnesota State Auditor, Rebecca issued a nationally award-winning report on how local governments can reduce energy costs dramatically by switching to clean, carbon-free energy sources...

Go HERE to read the entire endorsement.

I asked Professor Mann why a climate scientist working in Pennsylvania would worry about a governor's race in Minnesota. "In climate change, we face a threat that knows no boundaries—continental boundaries, national boundaries, or state boundaries," het told me. "We must support politicians everywhere who are willing to act on climate. Rebecca Otto has demonstrated that she places great priority on science-based policymaking on climate change and I am happy to support her candidacy."

Make sure, when you visit that site, you watch Rebecca's one minute video. See those solar panels she's sitting in front of? I helped install them!

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Bernie managed to build consensus and bipartisanship when he got legislation onto the floor.

The problem has been that ever since Clinton's win with Republican Lite and pre-concilliation the democrats haven't as a party supported standing for what you want. And when you're not willing to fight for what you want, what point is there for the opposition to care about your attempts to build together? They are going to rationally decide not to bother and even go further away knowing that eventually they will get what they wanted and the added bonus of blaming someone else for the failures (because by moving away, they can always blame the failure as the result of not having those features they made up to demand).

To get a meeting of minds, you have to be willing to stand up for your own.

Bernie did.
From your reports, Rebecca does.
Obama didn't.
Hilary didn't even try. Partly because she never had the chance to really try, but the limited opportunities were indicative.

But by being willing to hold for what you want, you get the opposition willing to meet you part way, on the off-chance you manage to get 100% of what you wanted if they don't give ground and you then ignore them.

PS did you mean "disparate" rather than "desparate". The former means "differing" the second means "frightened into action".

Greg, my wife and I visited Canada in July, August 2016 and had many conversations with Canadians about the USA and its states about Lake Superior and other great lakes. We are sure that the overwhelming majority of Canada supports Rebecca Otto for governor in 2018. The politics of greed and pollution must end. It's in the interest of all people. Laren NH, Pinkster Monday 5th. June 2017, 20.17 PM Dutch Time.

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Yes, Pentecost in Dutch is Pinksteren. With Pinksteren (Pentecost) we celebrate on Pinkster Sunday and Pinkster Monday the holy days of spiritual enlightenment. A daily prayer for spiritual enlightenment for peace and mutual respect and safety, togetherness could refresh us all. Laren NH, Tuesday 6th. June 2017, 8.39 AM DT.

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No, Greg, I think maybe pink should be worn on that day to show support for the idea of pinksters the world over.