Do you use Kaspersky security software?

I don't, and a couple of months ago I decided I probably wouldn't, because of apparent possible connection to Russian hacking.

Check this out:

There is absolutely nothing to see here.

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Greg, remember when some antivirus (Norton, IIRC,among others) whitelisted the NSA keylogger in their antivirus products?

Kinda rich to complain when it's ruskies doing it.

As John McClane said: WELCOME TO THE PARTY, PAL!

Hmm, wasn't Kaspersky the antivirus that was listed in the leak from the CIA as the one that they have the biggest trouble with?

Oops, I think it was bitdefended. There goes that theory.

Wow: Not sure what you are suggesting.

MikeN: I've heard good things about BitDefend.

All the words were there, greg.

If you're not sure, you have some tentative guesses. I'm not at all aware of what they are. Are you?

Yup, and don't use MyMail on your (android) phone either. Similar problems (owned by And it knows all your passwords.

I have used Karspsky for 10 years and I have not had one problem with it. The only problem I have had with it is not the Russians but the Democratics.

"I have used Karspsky for 10 years and I have not had one problem with it. The only problem I have had with it is not the Russians but the Democratics."

(This should be good.)

And what, prey tell, were the problems the Democratic party gave you with the software?

Yes I'm curious if there's anything to that. Is 'Democratics' significant?

I use Kaspersky because, as a UK citizen, proponent of Scottish independence, and member of the Scottish Green Party, my political activities are of practically no interest to the Russians, but are of quite some interest to GCHQ and their friends. (it is a matter of public record that the UK security apparatus has spent inordinate amounts of time and effort to surveil, infiltrate, and otherwise interfere with the legitimate political activities of both Scottish nationalists and environmentalists.)

I assume that all cyber-security companies are in bed with and / or infiltrated by various national security agencies. The only question is who you are more concerned about. Personally, I'm far more worried by my own government than the Russians.