Why is the White House silent on the Bloomington attack?

Is it because it wasn't a very big attack, and no one was killed or injured? The FBI has determined that it was an explosive device that blew up at the Bloomington Islamic Center.

I'm reminded of the attacks on Secretary Clinton, by the likes of Congressman Nunes, about ambiguity in the identification of an attack as "terrorist" during the very throes of the event. Will Nunes hold Trump to the same standard over Bloomington? Will Nunes even give Bloomington a second thought? A first thought?

Speaking of Nunes (who is the guy who tried to derail the House investigation of Trumpskygate), has anyone ever figured out if his supposed Russian connection is for real? I remember it coming out from somewhat questionable sources, but at the time it was never really put down. Probably nothing.

By the way, pro tip for would be hate-crime committers and terrorists: Bloomington MN is the city most closely associated with the Minneapolis St Paul International Airport (MSP), and Bloomington is the home of the Mall of America. In this post-9/11 world, you can bet that the Blomington Police are more than average equipped to deal with this sort of thing. You've got to be some kind of a dumb-ass to attack at site of any kind in Bloomington.

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Why hasn't Trump mentioned the bombing in a Mosque? Perhaps because Trump knows that his “hypnotized”, authoritarianism loving, fascist tending, ultra-nationalist leaning base is not capable of compassion towards human beings whom he has designated as undesirables. It just doesn't fit in the script. Trump is not capable of using the presidential bully pulpit to espouse anything remotely like the enlightened values of the country's founders. Instead, our Lord of the Flies leader is tweeting out primitive sadism, nationalistic tribalism, racism , and basic, gut stupidity.

BTW, you know that “Cosmopolitan” epithet that Miller let loose at Jim Acosta? The horrid alt right bigot got that one from the Stalin textbook. http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2017/08/03/the-ugly-history-of-s…

So, we have a real problem in America. When Trump inevitably realizes that he and his whole sleazy enterprise are hopelessly caught in the gears of the Mueller investigation, he is probably going to squeal to his base to have some sort of an uprising. That could be a serious problem. Will the saner Republicans manage to prevent disaster? Who knows.

Will the saner Republicans manage to prevent disaster? Who knows.

On Facebook during the election run up last year I came across some virulent and very nasty propaganda pushed by something named 'The Alan West Republic'. What is this outfit?

Ironically I only joined FB so as to be able to communicate with a US photographer who was on the USS Saratoga CV60 and took pictures of our UK version of the F4 Phantom carrying out CarQuals. When I, politely, countered this propaganda he, a Christian fundamentalist given some of the other posts, unfriendly me. Didn't particularly bother me, if that is how he felt so be it.

The reason I mention this is that I don't give out much hope for reasonableness from the core Republican base for they are firmly inside their layers of epistemic bubbles.

Remember, Lionel, the basis of rightwing politics is now you are evil not they are good. So if you don't agree with them, you're evil. They don't CARE what they are, anything goes when it goes against you.

I suspect most of this is the capture of the christian right in the USA. Not intended but when the right courted the christian faith to bolster their numbers in the southern strategy, that is when republicans as a party started turning from "We have good ideas" to "You have evil intentions".

Well Trump was dead silent on the Quebec mosque terrorist attack where 6 Muslims were killed.

Yet he ranted for a week about the Paris terrorist attack near the Louvre where noone was killed.

And he's silent about what happened in Bloomington.

So it's safe to say that the reason Trump is silent on Bloomington isn't because no one was killed. It's because of who was targeted.

"The Alan West Republic’"

His group represents a big swath of the worst people in the country.