EPA's new focus: Fox

I have a feeling that foxes are in trouble with the new EPA administration, but FOX is in great shape. According to an analysis by Media Matters, Scott Pruitt has spent considerably more time appearing on Fox News than other networks. In fact, he's spent twice as much time on Fox as he has on all the cable outlets combines.

Here's the graph:

Here's the analysis.

Most of that time has been on, of course, "Fox and Friends" but he's actually spread himself fairly evenly across a range of shows. His time on non-Fox cable includes six appearances, including two on This Week, one on Meet the Press, one on Morning Joe, and two others.

I guess he knows what side of his toast is buttered on.

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'Twas fun indeed to wonder why the lead-in image showed bread being buttered. Meanwhile, a few days ago the New York Times had a major article about how Secretary Pruitt of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) now works from a majorly, BIGLY fortified area of the EPA building. All of these points will become moot when Reichsführer Trump declares a federal national emergency purportedly intended to combat the opioid crisis. Instead it will be like the Reichstag fire of 1933 in Germany, and Trumpler will demand a Gesetz zur Erhebung der Not von Volk und Staat and all the Science-bloggers and other miscreants, troublemakers, and malcontents will be rounded up and taken to the local County Fair sites for further transport in modified cattle cars to final solution destinations.

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