Hello Darkness ....

to lighten up your day a bit:

OK, sorry, maybe that was depressing. Sorry.

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Today (and to a lesser extent yesterday) was a deeply depressing grey day of rain. To make it worse, it would occaisionally stop, and lighten a bit, just to tempt you into the idea things were getting better. Left alone I would have curled up by the fire with a book and/or an internet connection;…
Chopra has another mindless post on the HuffPo, titled Only Spirituality Can Solve The Problems Of The World. I read the whole thing. He's got some fuzzy definitions, praises god-consciousness, gushes about love, joy, kindness, peace, etc., but overall, it's the usual vacuous fluff. I am left with…
This song has always brought tears to my eyes. It discussed events that occurred before I was born, but which triggered changes that have been unfolding since, throughout all of our lifetimes. Now, this video has filled in all the holes in my contextual understanding, and made me more emotional…
A few weeks ago, I read, enjoyed, and reviewed Phil Plait's Death From the Skies. After I caught my daughter looking at the book a couple of times, I managed to bribe convince her to write a review of the book. The result is the following review. I fixed the formatting a little bit, but I had…

..my old friend, I've come to be with you again. But with another Massacre always happening unexpectedly and with shattering consequences, at http://www.dailyuw.com/eclipse_services_classifieds there is now a campaign to protest each and every Massacre, especially when Microsoft and my now deplorable University of Washington team up in partnership with the student-massacre-perpetuating government of China.

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Looking up this university mentioned in #1.
What the heck is a department of military science?
Does this uni design better WMDs?
Or train people to kill betterer using science?

The song is done pretty good.

I liked this, in spite of myself.

It's mostly nonsense, of course, but it's well-done nonsense. And I've always like Simon & Garfunkel.

By Dave Burton (not verified) on 21 Oct 2017 #permalink