Joel Clement Resigned today

You will remember Clement as the whistle blower at the Department of the Interior who was harassed for showing how climate change affects communities in Alaska. He was removed from his job by Fake Interior Secretory Zinke and given a new job removing staples from paperwork or something similar. Zinke similarly reassigned several others at around the same time. The inspector general has been investigating this but nothing has come of that yet.

Clement hung on for a long time but today he left his position. According to the Washington Post:

“Keeping my voice is more important than keeping my job,” he said. “I have not found another job yet. I have vast contacts inside the agency and outside. I do believe I can be a strong voice to resisting what the Zinke team is doing.”

Clement said workers at Interior are outraged by Zinke’s comment in a speech slightly more than a week ago that they are disloyal. “I got 30 percent of the crew that’s not loyal to the flag,” Zinke said, adding that policy-decision positions should be shipped from Washington to Western cities, such as Denver.

“Everyone is pissed here about his comments about loyalty. It’s the buzz in the building. You hear snide remarks all day long at how ludicrous that was. They clearly have lost respect for the leadership of that organization,” Clement said.

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It is really sad when a person who has knowledge is cast aside because that does not meet the present knowledge or message that the Administration wishes to be heard.
WHAT type of myopic future do we have when the KNOWLEDGE is dismissed and some kind of FAKE NEWS rubbish is taken as the information.
I have grave fears about the future if FAKE INFORMATION is going to be given to people.
This is very important.
It is possible that no reliable decisions will be made on information that is solid but information that is fake stuff.
Welcome to the age of the total take over of decision making by corporate governance,
All I can say is you are going to go to a rubbish bin in a big hurry .
what a joke.

John, this current administration is vehemently anti-science, and thus anti-knowledge. They have filled intellectual posts with veritable Forrest Gumps.

By Jeff Harvey (not verified) on 05 Oct 2017 #permalink