I am sitting in my usual free-wifi watering hole in Manhattan, watching the "Round of 16" series in the World Cup. I am the only one here with a laptop, so I am "command central" for digging up streaming video from the other World Cup games. All of the video I've located thus far is terrible (pixelated and otherwise barely visible), by the way.

Right now, Mexico and Argentina are playing and the pub is jam-packed and people are even spilling out onto the sidewalk, into the rain. Unlike the Sweden-Germany game that was played this morning (Germany won; 2-0) -- a game whose only remarkable aspect was their astonishingly rude fans sitting in the pub -- the Mexico-Argentina game and its fans were truly fun, interesting and exciting. But because so many players from both teams were carried off the pitch via stretcher, it makes me think that a person could make a good living by being a futebol team doctor.

A fun living, too, since the team doctor would be surrounded by gorgeous men all day long. Heck, even the futebol coaches are attractive, especially when compared to the dumpy lardtubs who coach baseball!

There are plenty of worse ways to pay your rent, all of which I've done at one time or another.



Argentina-Mexico: 2-1 (OT)

Germany-Sweden: 2-0

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All of the video I've located thus far is terrible (pixelated and otherwise barely visible), by the way.

Try this French site.

I wonder how hard it is to get a job as a team doctor for a futbol team. I'd seriously consider putting my PhD on hold to be surrounded by such georgous men all the time.