Big News: This Blog Has Migrated to a New Home

As one of the initial recruits to Scienceblogs, my years and effort invested into Scienceblogs have been worthwhile. Since I relocated my original blog, Living the Scientific Life, to Scienceblogs in early January 2006, it received more than 6 million visits and nearly 30,000 comments, it helped me build a vibrant and supportive community of readers to whom I owe so much, and it also introduced me to my spouse. But alas, the time has arrived for me to move on.

The above image is the new banner for my blog that I renamed as Punctuated Equilibrium. This blog has officially relocated to The Guardian's new science blogs site, and because I don't want to lose any of you, dear readers, please update your bookmarks and rss feeds:


I am quite a twitter fiend (when I have wifi access!) so you can also find me there @grrlscientist.

I am traveling and will attend the ScienceOnline London 2010 meeting, so I currently have unpredictable internet access. This means that all of my blog writing and publishing activities will be sporadic until I return home on 11 September 2010. At that time, all of the daily mystery birds (which currently are scheduled to publish on Maniraptora until 11 September), images of the day, science videos and other features will resume as usual, but all will be published at my new home.

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