McCain is an Anti-Choice Flip-Flopper

Speaking of flip-flopping, it appears that the rethuglicans hold the World Record for flip-flopping. For example, Senator McCain -- I am still waiting for him to fulfill his promise to the American people by committing suicide -- has recently flip-flopped on his position regarding abortion rights. Now he is saying that the decision whether to make abortion legal should be returned to the states. Why does he say this? Because McCain is now, conveniently, a federalist. However, that doesn't stop individual states from outlawing abortion and from outlawing women from seeking abortions in states where they do not reside, among other things. I'd really like to see the same meddling attention given to vasectomies because .. after all .. everyone knows that every sperm is sacred.

Not only is McCain flip-flopping on the constitutional right for women to control their personal reproductive future, but he's also making a blatant attempt at brown nosing the right winger faction for the GOP nomination.

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) appeared to soften his position on making abortion illegal in separate interviews in recent days, drawing criticism from social conservatives and some of his opponents for the Republican presidential nomination.

Aides to McCain said perhaps he could have been clearer in comments he made to the San Francisco Chronicle and CNN, but that he had not wavered from his long-term opposition to abortion or his belief that Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion, should be repealed.


McCain has a long antiabortion record in his 17-year congressional career. He has said he opposes abortion with the exceptions of rape, incest and to prevent a woman's death. In a National Right to Life Committee questionnaire last year, he answered "yes" when asked if he supported the complete reversal of Roe v. Wade. He also voted to override President Clinton's veto of the ban on a late-term procedure called "partial birth" abortion by its opponents and in favor of continuing the ban on Medicaid funding.

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Yes, McCain is an opportunistic sell-out piece of shit. In other news, the sun rises first in the east. Though McCain's shameless pandering is reprehensible, it's hardly surprising at this point. "Maverick" my hairy Italian ass.

By Tyler DiPietro (not verified) on 19 Nov 2006 #permalink

McCain used to show real principal. Somewhere between being ambushed in South Carolina, and recently he's been stricken with "winning is the only thing" disease. Since he caved on the Military Commisions Act, I can only think of him now as an accessory to war-crimes and torture -the very things he claimed to be a champion against. I suspect Bush and Rove promised him support in 08, in return for his acquiscence.

The trouble is that he's been playing Rove's "appeal to the base" card just as this past election has shown that the "base" isn't enough to hold onto a seat.

He's no conservative, he's a Republican. The party is the only thing that matters to him, alledged principles of the past be damned.

By Joe Shelby (not verified) on 19 Nov 2006 #permalink