Wow, A Wifi-Detector Shirt! What Will They Think of Next?

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What is this? It is a shirt that detects the presence of wifi signals where ever you happen to be, and shows the strength of those signals on an animated emblem on the front of it, as you see here. Not only can you see whether wifi is available where ever you might be located, but everyone else who is nearby can also see it. The only sad thing about this is that it doesn't show whether the wifi signals are secured or free, but otherwise, this is the ultimate geek shirt!

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Nice! But I'll keep my money for an RFID reader detector shirt.

Why are there so many people complaining about the intrusion in their private life by RFIDs but no one who devised a gadget that will beep when one approaches one of these readers?

the wifi detector logo and batteries are removable so the shirt can be washed without ruining it. i think this is great: now computer geeks don't have to suffer with poor hygiene in order to dress appropriately!