Iowa Caucus Update: Early Entrance Poll Results

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I am listening to live coverage of the Iowa Caucus on WNYC radio and here is an update:

Democrats: Obama (30%), Clinton (32%) and Edwards (34%), with 12% of the precincts reporting in Iowa.

Republicans: Huckabee (CNN projected winner), Romney and McCain, in that order (lots of close contenders in this race).

Apparently, there are so many people who are participating in this state-wide caucus that they are having trouble accomodating everyone. I am pleased to hear that the democratic process is alive and working.

One interviewee stated that he thought the entire process was extremely interesting, which reminded me of the time when I was in high school and all of us students took two days off from classes to have our own presidential caucus. We were divided up into the fifty states by homeroom and we did everything that the adults did in their caucus, complete with funny hats and costumes, signs, confetti and speeches that promoted our particular state's virtues. I also, found the process to be fascinating, even though it wasn't the real thing.

[You can get this coverage, streaming on your computer].

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Cheers for the link.

That sounds more like a make-believe Party Convention than it does a state caucus. I would like to go back to the days when the Democratic Convention actually discussed a platform rather than just annointing the candidate who has the majority of delegates.