AMNH Subway Art #58

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Coral Reef with shark
as portrayed in tiles on the stairway of the NYC subway stop (A-B-C)
at 81st and Central Park West. (ISO, no zoom, no flash).

Image: GrrlScientist 2008. [wallpaper size].

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That's beautiful. I'm really enjoying these. And I like it that you're having so much fun with your new canera.
A question, and maybe a suggestion. This picture, not your image, but the actual picture, appears to be in an alcove. Is there a light above it to illuminate it, is that why it is so bright at the top? I will hold the suggestion until you answer the question.

I was going to make a suggestion about how to avoid glare from a flash, but now I see that you said "no flash". Amd at closer look I can see that that is a fluorescent light in the ceiling. So, as Anna Rosannadana used to say: "Never mind".

They're all beautiful and impressive, but this one is.... is..... [stunned silence].... excuse my while I pick my jaw up off the floor so no one steps on it......

By themadlolscientist (not verified) on 03 Mar 2008 #permalink

yes, there is a light up at the top (in real life), unfortunately. if you have a suggestion for avoiding that, short of committing a criminal act, that'd be great. i have one more full-size mosaic somewhere (trying to find it, actually) and then i've got a bunch of details to share with you -- all of which are gorgeous.

Since we can see the light bulb, you must be looking up at the pictue, and, by laws of reflection, you are in the path of the reflected light, thus, glare. The solution, which may not be available due to the location, is to raise the camera; either hold it over your head, or find something to stand on, so that you can aim slightly down. I think that that will reduce the glare.