Creationists Need to Evolve 'Smart' Intelligent Design

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Last night, I was amused to learn that my friend and fellow SciBling, PZ Myers, was prevented from attending a free screening of the creationist film, presciently named Expelled! A film that thanked PZ in the credits for giving freely of his time by appearing in the film itself, no less (of course, the producers lied to him about the sort of film they were making; they claimed they were making a documentary about evolution). So much for free speech, as the fim's producer shrilly proclaims, eh?

So not only is the mockumentary producer a lying sack of shit who did not want PZ to attend the film that he was part of (probably because he was afraid that PZ might not like being misrepresented on screen), but PZ was actually threatened with arrest if he didn't leave the premises immediately, nevermind that he had to let his family know where he was going to wait while they attended the film. Sound ridiculous? Well, here's the clincher: the theatre allowed PZ's guest into the film. Who was PZ's guest?

Richard Dawkins.

Film clip below the fold.

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Why does every two-bit douchebag think that setting ridiculous nonsense to "Bad to the Bone" is anything but lame?

By Morris Hattricke (not verified) on 21 Mar 2008 #permalink

Whups. Looks like the video is "no longer available."

By ShadowWalkyr (not verified) on 21 Mar 2008 #permalink

Ben Stein is frightened? He should be frightened the sheep don't go to see the crap-fest of a film he's putting on and he loses his ass...

I'll suggest a new tag for this post: fact is stranger than fiction.

Just when you think the creationists couldn't go any lower they do.


By Secular Pinhead (not verified) on 23 Mar 2008 #permalink