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This streaming video, courtesy of National Geographic, shows a brief glimpse into the life of the osprey, or fish eagle, Pandion haliaetus. It's amazing to see the size of the trout that these birds catch and carry to their nests. This video features some really interesting visual angles, too [2:34].

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tags: osprey, fish eagle, Pandion haliaetus, raptors, streaming video This viral streaming video depicts 10 optical illusions in two minutes, and reveals how they are done. Despite the fact this is made by a company as a form of advertizing, I still think it is interesting to watch [2:16].
This post at 10,000 Birds, an item I accidentally bumped into on the Internet while looking for something else, and an unusual sighting moments ago, converge. And, its a nice distracting convergence which I need right now because as I sit here one week before fishing opener, looking at the glassy…
An osprey (Pandion haliaetus), photographed while [I was] kayaking in Cape May, New Jersey.
When it comes to observing nature, it pays to pay attention, and it pays to stay in one place for a while. Coming to "The Lake" many spring, summer, and fall weekends (and now and then in the winter) and paying attention to the wildlife and other aspects of the natural environment allows me to see…

Many years ago, fishing from a boat with my brother and parents on Lake Bemidji, my mother rared back to cast from the bow of the boat, zinged the rod forward, and snared my father with a Daredevil's treble hook through the cheek back where he was sitting by the motor. Laugh? Not on your life: we didn't want to swim back to the dock!

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About 15 years ago, I took my boss on a fishing trip on the St John's River. we were using HUGE golden shiners (maybe 8-10 inches long) and during one high arching cast, an osprey snagged the shiner in mid-air.

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