Several more blog carnivals have been published for you to read;

Carnival of the Vanities, 14 August 2008 edition. This blog carnival links to the best writing in the blogosphere, regardless of topic.

Oekologie, issue 18. This blog carnival focuses on ecological blog writing.

The Boneyard, issue 22. Even though I've forgotten about this blog carnival, they haven't forgotten about me.

On Giants' Shoulders, the second issue of this new blog carnival that focuses on the formative years of scientific research, upon which many of our current scientific paradigms have been built.

Carnival Against Sexual Violence, issue 53. This blog carnival focuses upon a very important topic, one that we don't talk about often enough, apparently.

Carnival of Satire, #104. Just to make you smile as you end your work week.

Carnival of the Cities, 13 August 2008 edition. It won't be long before I am sending in a few items to this carnival from London!

Carnival of Cinema, episode 87. This carnival focuses on blogs that review or discuss films!

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