Congratulations, Barack (But I Feel Sorry for You)

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Image: Doug Mills/The New York Times [larger view].

Congratulations on your historical victory, Senator Obama. I am happy for this country.

However, I am sad for you and for your family. After all, you were chosen by the electorate to act as a janitor for George Bush, Dick Cheney and all their ultra-rich cronies as well as for all the selfish bankers, CEOs and Wall Street jackasses who have invested their lifetimes into destroying this country and others' creations as well as stealing what little money that the average American has been able to save to support themselves.

Good Luck, because you're going to need it.

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Don't you mean we are going to need it? I'm not done with this stuff, not by a long shot. He's got a whole machine backing him up, of which I am a small part. We're all going to take on his challenges.

Are you with us?

Like having a baby--The first nine months is just the begining. Now the real work begins. Let's get to it. My whole adult life I've voted where guns and a twisted anti-women/anti-science view of god ruled. NOW my vote counted for something!