Hamster on a Piano Eating Popcorn

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This streaming video is a recreation of the original dwarf-hamster-on-a-piano-eating-popcorn video, which I embedded into my blog waaaay back in the day, but which the filmographer inexplicably removed from YouTube. This video remake is indicative of what pain and pain medications can do to a person -- I've spent something close to an hour watching hamster videos on YouTube .. hamsters riding private elevators, hamster derbies, hamsters driving cars, dancing hamsters, hamsters opening doors to lego houses, hamsters on a leash, hamsters popping out of holes in couch cushions, a handful of fluffy hamster babies .. sigh! All these soft and fluffy hamsters are trying to psychologically prepare me for the harsh reality of today's return to America, the land of unmitigated greed and cruelty, so a large dose of the fluffy and silly is essential to soften the inevitable reality [1:16]

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Not unmitigated, I'm sure. You live there, to begin with.

Oh c'mon - the USA is slightly mitigated now...

By Pierce R. Butler (not verified) on 10 Mar 2009 #permalink

America will be a nicer place as soon as you arrive. Hope the wrist is doing okay...