Why Christians Fight To Stay Alive

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A scientific study recently found that Christians are more likely to have aggressive medical care at the end of their lives -- why is that if heaven is so wonderful? In this video, Edward Current, the defender of Christianity everywhere, explains why Christians do not want to go to heaven early [3:17]

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He's funny. Even though there doesn't seem to be much original in these little video comedies of his, still they make an amusing series of parodies.

No link to the actual study, GS? Why is that?

I did a search for this on Google, and it listed two newspaper articles which also reported this study and neither one of them linked to the study. It was to be published in JAMA, so clearly they couldn't link directly to it at the time of the article, but neither did they give a link to JAMA. That's what I find news-worthy, not Christian hypocrisy, which is pretty common!