Meme: My Earth Day Resolutions

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Mike at Questionable Authority has started a new meme in honor of Earth Day, listing our Earth Day Resolutions. Even though he's being a big dork by not tagging me with this meme, I have decided to contribute anyway. (I have to live up to my "pushy New Yorker" description since I am a Seattle transplant with something to prove.) Because I live in an apartment in Manhattan and my backyard consists solely of a shaded fire escape that is four floors above a concrete sidewalk, I thought my resolutions might be interesting to those who have few options with regards to composting, growing their own gardens, planting trees and other typical Earth Day resolutions that house-dwellers and people in other parts of the country make.

GrrlScientist's Big Bad City Earth Day Resolutions:

  1. I will continue my practice of eating no more than one serving of meat (fish, cheese, eggs) each week.
  2. I will continue my practice of washing my clothing using only biodegradable laundry soap (the laundromat makes sure that I have access only to cold water, sigh).
  3. I will continue my practice of never using air conditioning, regardless of how hot and humid the weather gets in NYC (I have no control over the heat in my apartment, however, if I did, I would not heat my apartment beyond 55 degrees and would wear sweaters in the winter).
  4. I will continue my practice of unplugging all electrical gadgetry when not in use, except my refrigerator and clock radio.
  5. I resolve to stop using plastic grocery bags -- I sometimes forget that I carry a cloth bag in my backpack, ho-hum. (I do reuse all my plastic bags by using them as garbage bags, so not all is lost).
  6. I will continue my practice of using public mass transit or walking to get to my destinations. (As a New Yorker, I do not own a car).
  7. I resolve to re-assemble my bicycle so I can also use that as a form of transportation, especially since MTA is imposing a dramatic -- and in my situation, unaffordable -- 22% fare increase next month!
  8. I resolve to replace my conventional light bulbs with energy efficient light bulbs. Fortunately, I have only three functioning light fixtures in my apartment, so this will not cost me very much.
  9. I resolve to search out recycled toilet paper and then, after I find it, I will use that instead of all those brands made from virgin forests.

Do you have suggestions for other Earth-friendly resolutions that I haven't thought of? What are your Earth Day Resolutions?

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I resolve to continue to leave my cloth bags in the back trunk of my car and then go into the grocery store and tell them to just put everything back in the cart and I will bag it at the car. I am getting so good at this!

That's an impressive set of resolutions, I wouldn't dare to suggest anything on top of them. Good luck! I'll have to think about a few for myself, it's a great idea.

I was thinking what could I do to celebrate Earth Day (besides get a birthday cake with 4.5 billion candles on it!). Anyway, I thought of book recycling. I often donate books to a local library, other people and museums. If you have any books you would like to donate to a NON-profit organization, I would be happy to "recycle" them for you! Just contact me off-line for my mailing address and I'll find a new home for them!

Ian Paulsen

By Ian "Birdbooke… (not verified) on 22 Apr 2009 #permalink

I feel your pain, Grrl, Mike didn't tag me either. :)

I also use recycled toilet paper. I recommend Green Forest of Seventh Generation, because I think Green Forest is cheaper. If not, scratch that, reverse it.

I hear you on the cold water. But I consider it a forced good. :)

Somehow I suspect you already obtain clothing, furniture, etc, only from second-hand stores, swap meets, and the like.

It may not make much difference to the planetary ecosystem, but a couple of components of apartment agriculture might make economic/gustatory sense in your situation: improving your vitamin input by sprouting seeds in a jar, and your home recreation by fermenting a gallon or two of wine under the sink.

By Pierce R. Butler (not verified) on 23 Apr 2009 #permalink