The Science of StoryTelling: Nobelist Paul Nurse Talks about His Personal Genetic History

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This video is a fascinating look at Paul Nurse's personal history .. Nurse, who is a biochemist, Knight, 2001 Nobel Prize Winner and President of Rockefeller University in NYC, reveals how, after 58 years, he finally learned the truth of his own family history. As a boy, Nurse always felt "a little bit different" from the rest of his family. His parents and siblings all left school at age 15 while he excelled at academics and pursued higher education. In his 30s, Nurse's mother confided in him that both she and Nurse's father were "illegitimate" -- born out of wedlock to unknown fathers. A shocking revelation, but it didn't really explain why he was the oddball in the family. [10:08]


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Did you not listen to the last 5 minutes of the video?!? It goes on to explain that his real father is unknown and his real mother is the woman who he thought was his sister. Hence this explains his oddball/academic success.

By anonymous (not verified) on 20 Jun 2009 #permalink

anonymous -- of course i listened to the video, but i am not posting spoilers above the jump.

Thanks. Must have been a bit of a surprise -- and at the same time made everything fall into place.

By Peter Lund (not verified) on 20 Jun 2009 #permalink