Do Not Throw Out the Constitution to Create the Illusion of National Security

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Should America curtail our constitutional rights under the guise of preventing terrorist attacks? NO NO NO. I just wanted to remind you of an important discussion that occurred nearly one year ago when American was trapped in the clutches of a lunatic moron who aspired to be "dictator" -- I wonder when Obama will finally stop all this invasive secret governmental spying on Americans? [3:41]

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It's disgusting how the government uses the implements of tyranny, but most people are so cowed that they willingly sacrifice freedom and safety in the mistaken belief that "big brother" is benevolent and will not abuse his tyrannical powers. It's fine until your own neighbors, family and friends start disappearing.

By MadScientist (not verified) on 11 Jul 2009 #permalink

I wonder what "the program" actually is that everyone is so upset about?

What could be worse than torture? Certainly not wiretapping or cybercrime, and that was actually cleared through FISA anyway. Murder, perhaps, but I suspect that it involves "false flag" terrorism. The CIA has done this before, trying to draw out enemies of the United States but confusing the regular military in the process.

@Don Thieme: People in the USA were being abducted by authorities, held without charge, no relatives/lawyers informed, lawyers withheld, etc. Elsewhere in the world people were being abducted and shipped off to torture camps around the world. I don't see that we have any need for such Stalinist behavior. While the supporters of such tyranny claim it's "for the public good" so far they haven't been able to demonstrate any great benefits - they have a handful of stories that they like to crow about, but otherwise thousands of people with no ties to terrorism are being abused and for all you know you can be next.

By MadScientist (not verified) on 11 Jul 2009 #permalink

People always make mention of honoring the troops. Well, is throwing away what they were told they were fighting and dying for honoring the troops? Such a pathetic double-standard here that it is literally sickening.

By Bob Dobbs (not verified) on 13 Jul 2009 #permalink