Cautious Optimism: The ScienceBlogs Upgrade

After much agony and angst, it seems that the yesterday's upgrade of the Scienceblogs' site code was successful. Comments and blog entries are publishing as they should and with little wait time, so it appears that this was successful, thanks to the wonderful IT Systems consultant, who was hired to solve our problems! If you experience any problems, please do post about them here and be sure to tell me which browser you were using (we are noticing differences based on which browser and which browser version being used), the time (EDT) that it happened, what you were trying to do and what the outcome was (error message? if so, what did the error message say? or did you receive a time-out? or .. ?)

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Seems to be working, I just commented on the cuckoo page. It chugs away for a while, but doesn't lead to the error page as it used to. Safari. rb