OH NOES!!!!!!

The Gardian The Grauniad published a piece that has me seriously worried! The Brits have apparently seized the gold medal from the Americans in sheer, unadulterated laziness;

One in six people would rather watch a TV programme they didn't like than leave the sofa to change the channel if their remote control was broken. A third (36%) of the 2,000 adults surveyed for the study said they would not run to catch a bus and more than half (59%) would not walk up two flights of stairs to reach their office, choosing instead to take the lift.

More than half of dog owners (52%) did not walk their dogs, and two-thirds (64%) of parents admit to always being too tired to play with their children.

The laziness epidemic appears to have spread to the bedroom, with almost three-quarters (73%) of couples saying they regularly do not have enough energy at the end of the day to have sex, with more than half (58%) blaming a lack of fitness.

GAH! Is it too late to change my mind?? (ahem)

The reporter goes on to note that "[a] whole generation is in danger of becoming too unfit to perform rudimentary tasks, said Dr Sarah Dauncey, medical director of Nuffield Health." Rudimentary tasks such as .. erm, reproduction?? Is this the real reason that the Brits left it to the Americans to totally screw the world's economy?

The Guardian piece. No really, read this. It's shocking beyond words.

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They will indeed become incapable of performing rudimentary tasks, at tragically earlier ages.