Black Atheism

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This video discusses something that I've often wondered: Where are the Black Atheists?

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Bob O'H, I'm praying* that my faith in mankind isn't completely without reason.

*Atheist, so my prayers are usually directed at the one thing in my like that is awe-inspiring...My NHT speakers. They truly speak to me!

He's right about getting God's help making touchdowns being cheating. Anybody who thanks God for any feat on the field should be ejected from the game.

By Rose Colored Glasses (not verified) on 25 Oct 2009 #permalink

You know, I think you are right. I can't think of a single black person I know who claims to be an Atheist. This is depressing.

[[You know, I think you are right. I can't think of a single black person I know who claims to be an Atheist. This is depressing.]]

Right here if agnostic natural spiritualist atheist counts! =) Of course no black person EVER reads SciBlog do they so I must not be real?

I don't believe in a god/gods but believe the universe and the combined life on the planet hold ave patterns that can be respected and positive patterns observed scientifically used by higher being free-thinking (by average definitions) unhindered by instinct persons can choose to follow or pattern their behavior and lifestyle around.

I choose symbiotic,altruistic and cooperative strategy and enjoy the meditative sayings by atheist, SiddhÄrtha Gautama [ie do unto others as done to you, do no harm, support of the whole helps the one, etc]. I believe Jesus was taught Buddhism as he had traveled in youth and also in that era it had spread west to the Middle East. His followers never understood him, lie about him to this day and he was born/died human. Only the weak use the belief in a god to ensure, feel secure and enforce the following of such strategy by humans ending up in conflict and harm to nature. Of course, IMHO and YMMV.

Believe that others have the right to believe and you will be fine

Other black atheists -
Neil DeGrasse Tyson (scientist)
- There are youtube videos of Tyson's speeches that make it pretty obvious he is an atheist.

Butterfly McQueen (first black Oscar winner)
- McQueen's story is quite interesting in that she put in her will a large sum of money to go to the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

Where are the black atheists? Avoiding further persecution!

I mean really, there are already enough nutjobs who hate them for being black, I'd imagine they don't want additional nutjobs who hate them just for being atheist.

Everyone who has convinced another person(just one) that they are going to hell, would themselves go to hell, if such a place existed. Inducing that kind of self hate deserves it.