The Ten Commandments

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There's no LOGICAL argument against anything George Carlin says in this routine. Obviously Christians will argue but then as George says LOGIC is something religion has a big problem with.

George Carlin (1937-2008) was a champion of free speech. Some (like me) think he was the greatest comedian who had ever lived. Here's one of his classic skits where he comments about the ten commandments.

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Thanks for linking to that particular George Carlin routine, I don't recall seeing/hearing it before.

I think it's always tough to justify that "X was the greatest Y...". As a comedian, Carlin has some strong competition. However, he was certainly amongst the best.

Just stick with the term "existentialism" and the philosophy
of morality, ethics and religion and leave it with this and
how it relates to Bell's theorem in quantum mechanics.

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